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5 Amazing Samsung Galaxy Note 10/10 plus

Written by Quadrum Lee

September 12, 2019

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Today I want to go check out the brand new Galaxy Note note 10 but Samsung pulled a fast one on us and also dropped a Galaxy Note 10 plus. So here the 5 things you know about these phones. The first thing we got to talk about is the design of these phones.

01. Design

Notch – Samsung made some interesting choices with this one. The note 10, now follow the same design language that we’ve seen with the s10 line with a small cutout for the notch but it’s no longer on the right. It’s directly in the center. It really didn’t get in the way of content even watching videos.

I’m curious to know what you guys think of it. This reminds me of the essential phone but just like a little bit lower than the top of the screen. So it kind of threw me off.

Display Size- But aside from that, it’s a pretty much full display with the note 10 having a 6.3-inch display while the note 10 plus having a 6.8-inch display which is the biggest they’ve ever put on a smartphone before. It is huge screen but of course, these are Samsung’s AMOLED displays. so they’re vibrant, sharp and colorful.

It is a matter of whether or not you like that notch. Now the note 10 plus is going to be really interesting to try out that is a huge display I wonder what that’s gonna be like to use on an everyday basis or a real day in the life on that is a must.

Power Button – I change that Samsung made with these phones in terms of the design which I’m not too sure about is completely getting rid of the power button on the right side. Now instead of having a power button over there, you only can use the big speed button that was on the left side to either access Bixby or turns off the phone.

Thickness – I believe now these are officially the lightest and narrowest notes that we’ve ever seen before. Feeling into hand they feel pretty nice.

They have rounded sides so now it feels a bit rounder than the squarish feel that we usually get from notes. So it’s going to be pretty interesting to see how these phones feel in the real world with regular usage and these are big phones that are also lightweight.

Colors – The notes will also be coming out in 4 new colors or aglow which is like this prism effect and looks amazing on camera.  It looks great in person as well but there’s also or a blue or a black and oral white.

Now there were some things sacrificed with the overall design of the new notes.

02. Spec

Processor– Both these phones are powered by a Snapdragon 855 processor and these are supposed to be over 30% faster than the note 9. So if you want to upgrade, 30% might be a pretty big leap and worth the jump.

Ram and Storage – You’ll also find 8 gigs of ram on the note 10 and 12 gigs of ram on the note 10 plus and they both come with a base 256 gigs of storage which is absolutely amazing. But considering their price that’s the kind of thing you’d expect. The note 10 plus will have a 512 gig option.

Battery and charging- In terms of battery, we’re looking at a 3500 milliamp-hour capacity on the note 10 and a 4300 million of our capacity on the note 10 plus. Something that’s new with the note 10 plus and it is even faster charging. I believe the number I was told is around 70% with 30 minutes of charging and that is really fast.

Samsung is always pleaded kind of safe when it comes to fast charging. But with the new note 10 you should start to see some of those really fast charging capabilities that we’ve seen on other devices. We’re also gonna be seeing faster wireless charging before was capped at 10 watts but now we’re going be seeing it go up to 15.

We should make wireless charging a bit of a faster option and something more reliable compared to what it used to be.

headphone jack – Now here comes the hard news y’all they have officially removed the headphone jack, it is no longer there and the main reason is that because they wanted to increase the battery life. So the headphone jack is the thing that had to bite the bullet and Samsung’s reasoning is that most people are using Bluetooth headphones these days.

I get that it just kind of sucks to see the phone that kind of had it all start to fall in line with the rest of the other phones. That’s not the only thing that was sacrificed.

MicroSD card slots – We no longer have expandable storage, so there are no more microSD card slots to use on the note series. Within their own research, they say most people don’t even use as which is 256 gigs including a microSD card slot. So there’s no longer that option but we’re starting at 256 gigs and really can’t complain but it is one of those things that also got lost with the note series.

Camera – We’ve got that typical 3 camera setup with an ultra-wide and telephoto lens. So you’ve got 3 lenses and with you know ten plus you’ve also got this extra depth camera that you won’t find on the note 10. This is for using things like 3d features or AR. So if you want a little bit more from your camera or you want the ability to do a little bit more with software down the line. That’s the phone you’re gonna want to take a look at.

Focus Mode – Samsung phones is that live focus mode coming over to video. Now we’ve all seen those portrait modes live focus kind of photos where they blur out the background and you take a picture. Now they’re bringing that feature over to the video side of things  I definitely want to try this out in the real world where is a normal situation and kind of see what the effect looks.

Zoom in mic – There’s also another feature coming over 2 cameras that are called zoom in mic. Let’s say you’re in New York, you see a street performer and you’re not super close but you want to hear what they’ve got going on when you zoom in on the frame, it’s actually going to be able to pick up on the subject that you zoom in on unless you’ve got a lot of background noise the subject that’s usually and on the mics are also going to hone in on that activity and kind of cut out that background noise.

That is a really cool feature, something I’ve never heard of or seen before because you also imagine being at like your kid’s recital or something and being able to focus right on your own kid and hear them.


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