DODI Repacks: Official Website, How to Download, Is it Safe?

DODI Repacks is a popular video game piracy website which offers repacks of games. Similar to FitGirl Repacks, which was the inspiration for the making of DODI Repacks, video games are compressed (using advanced technology) and then offered in a branded installer.

Is DODI Repacks safe?

DODI Repacks is a piracy website which offers paid games for free – this means it’s illegal to download from DODI in most places in the world. Thus, we would not recommend download free games from there and it can be considered breaking the law. However, if you want to download a game, make sure you use a VPN to protect your identity.

That being said, DODI Repacks has a trusted community and is generally considered safe amongst the pirate community. Their website has thousands of active users commenting daily and helping each other out, as does the DODI Repacks Discord (refer to the “How can I contact DODI Repacks” section below). Additionally, DODI Repacks is a recommended website in many Reddit subreddits including /r/PiratedGames/ and /r/Piracy/.

So far, we haven’t seen a single case of intentional malicious behavior in a DODI Repack. In general, the games downloaded and installed there have been safe and worked well.

What is the DODI Repacks official website?

The official website for DODI Repacks is

Note that there are many impersonators and fake “clone” website which you should be careful of. Those websites can bundle their own malware or viruses into the installers.

How to Install DODI Repacks Games

  1. Find the game you want to download and install. If you don’t have the game page, you can search for the game title using the CTRL + F shortcut on this page:
  2. Once you open the page of a game you want to download, scroll down to Downloads section of that game.
    DODI Repacks download
  3. Select the first link (torrent) – it is recommended you download via torrent instead of a DDL source because it will much faster and more stable.
    Important: you should have a torrent client downloaded first.
  4. After downloading the torrent, launch it and it should launch inside uTorrent. Wait for the files to finish downloading.
  5. When they’ve finished downloading, launch the .exe setup and follow on-screen instructions to install the game. After installation, a shortcut will automatically show up on your homepage! Congrats, you just got a new game for free!

DODI Repacks Alternatives

We have reviewed many download websites similar to DODI Repacks, specifically for video games. These are our top picks that we would recommend:

  • FitGirl Repacks – this is the most obvious pick, as FitGirl herself was the inspiration for DODI Repacks. With thousands of repacked video games, and daily requests being fulfilled, FitGirl is rarely a disappointment!
  • IGG Games – A popular video game crack website with millions of daily users. You can find pretty much any game you’re looking for here, but be careful as some users have reported getting viruses from there. But it’s great for rare games that you can’t find anywhere else!
  • 1377x – this is a great torrent website which lists video game downloads daily. These games come from popular crackers such as Codex, Skidrow and el amigos.
  • RARBG – another great torrent website which has at least 20 new video game uploads daily.


I can’t find a game I want on DODI Repacks?

You can find all the current releases from DODI Repacks on the A-Z “All Repacks Page”. However, this list is still quite small and there’s many games that might not be available there.

In cases where you can’t find a game, you should go to the official Repack Requests page on their website. There, you can place a request for any game you want to see uploaded.

Who is DODI Repacks?

At the moment, no one has any idea who DODI Repacks is. This question is asked on his website:

Q: What’s your name & where do you live?
A: My name is not important and currently I live in My PC

How can I contact DODI Repacks?

Sometimes, you can get a problem with a particular game and want to contact the repacker for help. Luckily, there are quite a few ways to get in touch with DODI or their community.

Leave a comment

One of the easiest way to get in touch with DODI Repacks or the community is via their website. For example, if you’re having problems installing a game, you can post a Disqus comment on their troubleshooting page. This is the fastest way to get a response.


Another easy way to get in touch with DODI is via their Discord link which currently has 14k members. We posted a test comment there asking for help and received a reply within 2 minutes, so it’s strongly recommended!


You can contact the main uploader of DODI Repacks on his/her Reddit account, which is /u/DODI-Releases/. The user is currently active and posting on an almost daily basis.

Social media pages

DODI Repacks has two main social media pages as of the time of writing this article: