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Domain blacklist check | How to Check If a Domain Is Blacklisted by Google

Written by Quadrum Lee

September 5, 2019

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Are you about to purchase a domain? OR Your search engine traffic suddenly drop?

It worth to check your domain has been de-indexed by Google or blacklisted by Google. Anyway, it’s important to remember, there are a few different reasons your site traffic could be dropping suddenly. So it would be better to check if your pages are still being indexed by Google.

How to Check If Your Domain Is Blacklisted (by Google)

Look at these different techniques you can use to verify whether a domain is blacklisted or de-indexed by Google. It’s additionally possible for individual pages or post to not rank. The whole site isn’t always affected. Anyway, this can make troubleshooting issues even harder.

  1. Manually Check to See if You’re Blacklisted
  2. Use automated methods to See if You’re Blacklisted
  3. Check Google Transparency Directory

1. Manually check to see if you’re blacklisted

There are 111 indexed pages in Google for Websosite site as you can see below.

If you get no result and your website pages have already been indexed previously, then there is a possibility that the site has been removed from Google index. If you use this technique to find for a new domain, you likely won’t get any result, as there are no pages or posts for google to index yet.

2. Use Automated Methods to See If You’re Blacklisted

There are some helpful online tools you can use to check if your website is penalized or blacklisted. Visit banned check site, type your domain and search. You will get a message revealing to you the status of your domain name.

The most ideal approach to track changes or get more information on your domain is to use the tools made by Google. Google Search Console provides the information about the number of indexed pages, backlinks to your site, 404 not found pages, search queried, site health, server errors and a huge amount of other useful information.

You get your posts and pages indexed faster if submits a sitemap to google frequently. If you created new small content, you can manually crawl it in the tool to get it indexed right away.

3. Check Google Transparency Directory

Maybe you have some copyrighted content? 
You can check Google’s Transparency Report to check whether a site is blacklisted because of a Copyright or DMCA claim.

Following are Common Reasons For Getting Your IP Address Blacklisted 

1. Do you buy Links?
2. Copyright Violations
3. Masking Keywords
4. Linking to External Spam or Malicious Pages

1. Are You Buying Links?

If you have been doing this it’s better you stop before you get caught because google frowns at any type of unnatural linking or paid link. If you’ve already purchased some links, then better to deny them immediately.

2. Copyright Violation 

Google disapproves for the copyright violation, accordingly, you hear google promote the use of original content. Your pages will de-index from google if you violate the copyright policy. Other people also can fill DMCA complaints against your website.

3. Masking Keywords

If you hide the keywords or phrases using the background color technique and then it won’t work because Google already knows about this technique. This could make your pages disappearing from google search.

4. Linking to External Spam or Malicious Pages

Evey search engines hate spam and it always checks the external pages you’re linking to. They don’t like to send your readers to malicious pages.


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