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Dual-screen laptops of 2019 (best future tech laptops)

Written by Quadrum Lee

September 12, 2019

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We’ve seen some really powerful laptops come out over the last few years but there are typically gaming laptops but today we’re going to be taking a look at a laptop geared towards creators and it has Intel’s new 9th generation Intel Core i7 processor which means it should be able to handle whatever creators throw at it. But not only that, this laptop has 2 screens. As a creator and the gamer, I was really excited to use the Zen book Pro duo for a week.

So here it is the below, Asus Zenbook pro duo and I’m going to tell you guys what this thing is all about.  Not only is this a beautiful piece of machinery and it is with awesome color schemes. 

But what’s really impressive here is what’s on the inside. It has 2 displays here so we’ve got an OLED 4k display in the front and on the bottom, It got a companion display which allows you to do a lot. The Zen book Pro duo is a powerhouse because of Intel’s 9th generation Core i7 processor. So this thing is going to be able to handle a lot.

It’s part of their 8th series which has up to 8 cores as well as 16 threads and can also reach 5 gigahertz on turbo. It also supports up to 128 gigs of DDR 4 RAM. The idea of being to use this for content creation, it’s nice that this has the Intel 9th generation processor because they have that optimized to work with Adobe software.

Now we are going be seeing 10th generation Intel processors coming out this fall but those are different kind of system those are more lightweight. So you don’t have to worry about that any agenda becoming obsolete but if you guys want to learn more about the processors and the laptop itself, I’ll have links down below the article.

One thing that’s a little bit interesting is that the keyboard is at the bottom half of the entire laptop. It is having the trackpad over here on the bottom right and you can also hit this little button over there and you have access to a whole digital number pad.

Everything will process really quickly while you get work on it. So it’s very functional. This laptop is beautiful, powerful and it’s got some quirks but I can get over those because of how clutch it is for editing. Instead of remembering all the shortcuts for the keyboard, you can just hit one of those and then they instantly do that right on the screen.

It is so cool when it comes to power, this laptop is obviously got it and with multiple screens is this functionality is the next level too. It looks like a gimmick at first but it is actually very functional to have access to multiple screens whether it’s for intensive video editing or just everyday tasks, this thing really changed the way I interacted with the laptop.

I think it is completely safe for me to say for now. At least this is my favorite laptop of 2019 being able to have access to two screens on a single laptop. Really changes the way you use it everyday everything I need for work and play as possible here thanks to the Intel knife generation processor.

As well as that Nvidia graphics card so this thing that’s got all that you need a beautiful screen the power on the inside. I just feel like this is peak laptop innovation right now and completely love this. I hope more people adopt that second screen that is something that I feel like move really change the way everyone uses their laptops.

This laptop provides the same functionality that you would get from a dual monitor setup and you typically have with something like a desktop but in a much more portable form factor. Not to mention thanks to the Intel processor as well as it has in Nvidia RTX 2016 graphics card inside. They’re even able to do some really impressive gaming too.


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