FreeGOGPCGames: Official Website, How to Download, Is it Safe?

FreeGOGPCGames is a website for downloading all the games you can find on, but with a catch: you can download them for free. This torrent or piracy website is quite well known as one of the best for downloading GOG video games. But is it safe to use, and is it legal?

Is FreeGOGPCGames safe?

FreeGOGPCGames is considered relatively safe – they offer the original, DRM free installers of popular GOG games. The games are packaged in torrents, where you will download the setup of each game and easily install it. The games also come with installation instructions. As mentioned on the FreeGOGPCGames website:

Note: We search and check all the download links we provide before we share and post it here. With our experience and commitment we make sure this website is the best for all gamer’s who wants to find free pc games.

However, downloading games from FreeGOGPCGames is considered piracy. Video game piracy is illegal in many places (although whether this law is enforced depends on the country). You should also always use a VPN before accessing piracy websites such as FreeGOGPCGames.

What is the FreeGOGPCGames official website?

The official website for FreeGOGPCGames is

The link is given here for informational purposes, with the disclaimer that downloading free games from the website can be illegal where you live.

How to Install FreeGOGPCGames Games

  1. Go to
  2. Search for a game you want (use the search bar at the top) or go to the A-Z game list to find your game. However, make sure the game is a and not a Steam or Origin game.
  3. Once you have your game page opened, scroll down to the bottom of the page to reach the download section.
    FreeGOGPCGames Download Section
  4. Click on the download link (make sure you have a torrent client like uTorrent downloaded first)
  5. When the magnet link will be downloaded, launch the link and the torrent will begin downloading on your PC.
  6. When it’s downloaded, you can run the game’s setup (.exe file) and install the game. The installer will be GOG’s native installer and will be very easy to run – just follow the on-screen instructions.
  7. Finally, your game will finish installing and you will launch it!

FreeGOGPCGames Alternatives

There are  other places you can find full version GOG games and download them online.

1337x – an online torrent website where you can find hundreds of the latest GOG releases to download and install.

RARBG – another torrent aggregator where you can download GOG games P2P.

FitGirl Repacks – you can find most of the GOG games repacked into much smaller file sizes on here. This is good as it means you will waste less data downloading those games.

All the websites listed here are safe and free, however always do your due diligence before downloading files online.