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Huawei ban – How did 8 countries respond?

Written by Quadrum Lee

September 17, 2019

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The world is freaking out about Huawei The Chinese telecom giant. Many countries are labeling it a national security risk. In December, at the US’s request, Canada arrested the now-infamous CFO of Huawei, Meng Wanzhou.

Why arrested?

According to China’s ambassador to Canada, white supremacy. Ok, to be fair, the ambassador said that the white supremacy wasn’t about arresting Meng, it was about arresting Meng and then complaining about the Chinese regime arresting two Canadians. Because if you respect the Canadian legal system but don’t respect the Chinese legal system, that’s definitely because you’re a white supremacist. Or maybe it’s because the Canadian legal system looks like this:

While the Chinese legal system looks like this,

Even the Chinese ambassador would rather be arrested under the Canadian legal system than the Chinese legal system. He just can’t say that because he has to go back to China, and he doesn’t want to get arrested there.

Now, what’s been lost amid the diplomatic things, is the reason the US asked Canada to extradite Meng Wanzhou in the first place. That Meng and Huawei had tricked banks into violating US sanctions on Iran by using shell companies owned by Huawei to secretly do business in Iran.

So, When banks handled Huawei’s financial transactions, they were accidentally doing business with Iran too. And after Meng’s arrest, even more, evidence has been found tying Huawei to these companies. Now countries around the world have known for years about some of the sketchy dealings of Huawei.

Not the least of which are shady connections to the Chinese Communist Party and potential national security concerns. But Huawei is also the world’s largest telecommunications company, which makes closing the door on Huawei a little challenging when financial interest is on the line.

So here are how 8 different countries have dealt with Huawei.

8. India

After the arrest of Huawei’s CFO, India’s telecom export body requested a ban on Huawei products for government services, citing national security concerns.

But India’s telecom minister said the government would not look into a ban. I mean, you can’t ban a company that could be building your country’s 5G network, right?. Huawei will be one of several companies participating in trials to secure permission to build India’s 5G network. Don’t worry, an Indian official said they would put all the necessary safeguards in place before allowing access to core networks.

So India’s stance? Officials are concerned about Huawei. But they have no plans to block Huawei from government use, or from their 5G network.

7.  Germany

Germany’s technology watch dog doesn’t think Huawei is a threat. In fact, all 3 of Germany’s major telecom companies use Huawei equipment. Later this year, Germany will also be auctioning off contracts to build its 5G network. And Huawei wants to play a major role.

Nevertheless, some German officials have launched a last-ditch bid to convince the government to ban Huawei from the 5G market. But for now, the German government as a whole is happy to have Huawei everywhere.

6. France

When it comes to the war for 5G networks, France has not surrendered. According to Bloomberg, France is considering targeting Huawei as a security concern. France is also looking to build 5G networks. And it’s moving to make parts of its telecoms infrastructure inaccessible to Huawei.

Other important telecoms have said they’ll look into same moves. But as of now, France has no internal government ban on Huawei.

5. Japan

The nation that brought us Gundams has decided it doesn’t need Huawei, at least as far as government contracts go, because of security risks. The new Japanese guidelines don’t specifically mention Huawei but are designed to prevent leaks of sensitive information. The guidelines cover,

Japan’s telecom carriers are also saying no to Huawei. So Huawei is not getting a lot of love in Japan.

4. The United Kingdom

Huawei is also interested in the UK’s 5G network. And a few days after Meng Wanzhou’s arrest, Huawei agreed to address the British government’s security concerns. However, a major British telecom company, BT Group, said it has also begun removing Huawei equipment from its 4G network and won’t use Huawei equipment for its core 5G network.

But officially, Huawei is not banned for government officials or 5G networks.

3. New Zealand

Just days before Meng’s arrest, New Zealand banned Huawei from the nation’s 5G network, citing “important national security risks.” New Zealand’s intelligence agency also rejected a proposal from Spark, one of the country’s biggest telecom carriers, to use Huawei gear in its 5G network.

Given that the Chinese regime is influencing New Zealand ‘at every level of society’, It’s pretty impressive that New Zealand is coming out strong against the use of Huawei.

2. Australia

Australia is also very concerned. Back in August, Australia banned Huawei and another major Chinese telecom company, ZTE, from building its 5G network. The initial statement targeted firms “who are likely to be subject to extrajudicial directions from a foreign government,” but did not mention Huawei or ZTE by name.

Except that it’s pretty obvious, and also an Australian government official told Reuters that it was in fact targeted at Huawei and ZTE. So Australia, also coming out strong.

1. United States America (USA)

The USA has always been number 1. Especially when it comes to raising concerns over Huawei. In fact, this whole case with Meng Wanzhou came out of investigations into Huawei leadership that the US government began way back in 2010. And during those investigations,


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