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iPhone XR Review in 2019

Written by Quadrum Lee

September 11, 2019

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This is the iPhone 10R and this one already has a bit of a reputation but ideally with my testing and hopefully, in this review, we can look past that some reputation and figure out what this phone really is?

I mean it’s another iPhone and I’ll review the iPhone the 10s but this one is very similar in a lot of ways with the new parts in the new design but with some key differences. So for this article let’s look at everything that’s different about the iPhone 10R that adds up to $250 cheaper and what I think of it.

okay! so first things first are this size. 

Size – iPhone XR

The iPhone 10R sits right in between the 10s and a 10s max with this 6.1-inch display. It’s fine I’m one of those people who wishes there was an even smaller iPhone so that the difference was more apparent but this 6.1-inch display kind of splits the middle. It’s definitely harder for most people to reach the corners and the tops of this display because it is so big. That’s one of those things though that you can check out just by getting in a store and seeing for yourself but this size for me is fine.

Design – iPhone XR

On the build, the iPhone 10R is made from different materials and it’s built differently than a 10S even with pretty much the same looking design. There’s no stainless steel here. iPhone 10R has anodized aluminum sides which means they can color match them to get it to match the glass backs.

Yes, there are six new colors and I know I’ve said before the blue is my favorite. Yes, it still is but I’m gonna go ahead and give my second place to this red. I really like it and I think it’s quite nice the coral on the yellow don’t really speak to me as much I think mostly because of the rail colors being a little less saturated. The black and the whites are just black and white. So the red and the blue are definitely my two favorite 10R colors.

Water-Resistance and Signal Strength

Also small difference the iPhone 10R water resistance is ip67 where the iPhone 10 s was ip68. So worth noting.

You’ll also notice the slightly different locations for the antenna bands the 10R is missing a couple just a pair of visible bands that are on the 10s. and 10R, since it lacks these bands, does not have gigabit LTE. This only affects a tiny number of people who are actually in an area where their carrier supports gigabit LTE but it’s different. So there you have it.

Overall I’m mostly a fan of the build of the 10R I think the colors are awesome they didn’t have to do colors so I’m glad. They did the backs with the glass are super saturated, bright and vibrant but the aluminum on all the colors on the rails is always less saturated in the glass which makes sense. But it’s kind of a bummer if you put a case or a skin on it because then you hide the awesome color of the glass and you just get the metal.

With the aluminum, it’s even more slippery than the stainless steel and this is, I think the new slipperiest phone in the world champ prone to sliding out of your pockets if you’re not careful. So be careful okay!

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  1. Alejandro Lisker

    I just heard the Apple news! I guess they are releasing an Airpod Pro! I’m definitely going to pick some up for my iPhone.


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