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Vega Sri Lanka 2020 – Vega supercar Comparison

Written by Quadrum Lee

February 9, 2020

Today we’ll talk on the topic of Vega Sri Lanka and it is an electric supercar which is made 100% in Sri Lanka. It’s called vega EVX.

Vega innovation design and developed a world-class high-performance electric supercar and it is Sri Lanka’s the fast super electric car invented by end entrepreneurs and engineers of Sri Lanka. Highly advanced software and hardware technology have been used in the supercar for optimized driver experience.


Features and Performance

For autonomous navigation, Vega used advanced AI-based software and hardware which optimizes the performance of the supercar and its powerful drivetrain.

Their team successfully tested the super electric car which reaches 0-100 km/h in just 3.15 sec. The top speed of Vega supercar is 240 km/h and 270 Km can be done once charged.

this car works with a high-performance motor, produces 720 Newton meters of torque, liquid-cooled lithium iron phosphate battery technology with 500-volt capacity can give the electric car a huge 250-kilometre range in a single charge.


The other features of this car include automatic pedestrian detection, traffic science detection and path planning, low power consumption and high-performance automatic error detection, carbon-fibre fabrication and vehicle control unit.


The effort of Sri Lankan Engineer

Their team developing this super electric car for the last 4 years and planning to launch the super electric car in the market very soon. A great invention from Sri Lankan engineers.

Vega EVX vs Tesla Roadster Comparison

Let compare estimated price, performance, drivetrain, batteries, chassis, suspension, wheels brakes and spirit of both cars.

Vega EVX Tesla Roadster
Power & Torque Power – 804 hp
Torque – 760Nm

Power – 200 kWh
Torque – 10,000 Nm

Motor Permanent Magnet AC Synchronous
Dual Motor
03 electric Motors (FR 01, FR 02)
10 Cold Gas Thrusters

Range – 250 km
0-100km/h – 3.1 sec

Top Speed – 240 km/h
Curb Weight – 2090 kg

Range – 620 miles
0-60mph – 1.9 sec

Top Speed – 250 mph
Curb Weight – 1305 kg


Cell Type – Lithium Ferrous Phosphate

Pouch Cell
540 V, Liquid Cooled

50 Cells per module
12 Modules
Battery pack weight: 480 kg

Gold gas Thrusters It won’t actually combust
but they will expel
highly pressurized
cold air and giving
the tesla an extra boost
in acceleration.
Chassis & Suspension

Chasis – Space Frame
Body- Carbon Fiber

FR Axle – Double wishbone pushrod
RR Axle – Double wishbone

Wheels FR – 255/35 R20
RR – 285/ 30 R20
Estimated Price 250, 000 USD 

200, 000 USD

Founder Series Reservation – 250, 000 USD 

Brakes and Steering

6 Pistons brake calliper with ventilated rotors.

Brake Booster – Electric Motor Assisted.

Electromechanical Steering



Go green and go electric!

Electric vehicle starting motto is keeping the earth is a safer place to live for the next generations if you want to join our movement you can support simply commenting to our article.


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