11 Best Defrag Software For Windows 11

Best Defrag Software For Windows

When the Windows system is used for creating and processing a large amount of data, it starts to exhibit a sluggish performance. Defragmentation is a process that optimizes file reading by arranging bits of data next to each other. As the hard drive can access the files faster, you can see an improvement in your system performance and speed.

There are several options for defrag software available in the market to help you optimize file processing and minimize software crashes on your Windows 11. Here are some of the best ones to consider in 2022.

1. Smart Defrag

If you are looking for a powerful application to manage disk defragmentation on your hard disk, Smart Defrag is one of the best options for you. It boasts a stylish, user-friendly interface that gives quick access to all the features. It offers some useful advanced settings to simplify scheduling defrag on your Windows 11.

Smart Defrag can initiate defrag during booting to remove fragments from locked files. It also includes a feature to get rid of unwanted files and cache to speed up the computer. With this tool, you can move frequently used files to faster locations. It can even exclude files and folders from analysis or defrag.

2. Defraggler

This is one of the best defrag programs and is created by Piriform, the creator of the world-famous CCleaner optimization tool. Defraggler can easily defrag files on your hard disk to improve your PC performance to a great extent. It allows you to defrag exactly what you want and shows you empty and unfragmented blocks and organizes empty disk space.

Defraggler works on Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, XP, and Vista and even comes in a portable version. It can run boot-time defrag, exclude files from defrag, empty recycle bin, and move selected files to the drive end to speed up disk access.

3. Disk SpeedUp

Disk SpeedUp is a free defrag software that allows defragging files and folders in addition to hard drives. This tool gives you better control over the process by offering exclusions. For example, you can choose not to defrag files if they are larger than 100MB, smaller than 20MB, or have more than four fragments. You can also run an automatic defrag when the system is idle.

The tool can be configured to move unused, large files in a specific format to the end of the drive to improve speed and efficiency by having the most used files at the beginning. You can find several other features and options for a convenient defragging experience with this software.

4. UltraDefrag

A defrag software that works well for beginners and advanced users, UltraDefrag comes loaded with all the basic functions you may require for PC optimization and offers some advanced options to allow making changes to the program. It is easy to repair, defrag and optimize drives with this tool.

Advanced users can edit the configuration file to make desired changes to the functionality. It can run internal as well as external hard drives and lets you defragment single files and folders, not just drives.

5. Wise Care 365

It is a system optimization tool that intends to optimize your Windows PC by cleaning junk files and registries. One of the utilities is the System Tuneup which enables defragmenting hard disk. With this component, you can choose the drive and select from the options ‘Defragment’, ‘Full Optimization’, or ‘Analyze’.

Wise Care 365 is an amazing choice for novice users for its user-friendliness and it packs a plethora of features to make system optimization quick and easy. With support for Windows 11, it is an excellent cleaning and speeding up software that gives complete control over the system.

6. O&O Defrag

This is a powerful free disk defragmentation software compatible with Windows 11. It packs several useful features including a duplicate finder, disk defrag, and inefficiency checker. It works by booting files and folders on the system and relocating files to easily accessible locations for quick reading.

O&O Defrag comes with a fragment filter that recognizes the most fragmented files on the hard disk. It brings together six blocks of the hard disk as one for efficient defragmentation. The tool not only enables you to optimize your hard disks and SSDs but also speeds up your computer by eliminating unwanted files hogging your memory.

7. MyDefrag

One of the most reliable, and oldest defrag software compatible with Windows 7, 8, 10, and 11, MyDefrag is a lightweight defragmenter you can run on multiple hard drives. It works by loading scripts on the drives for operations like analysis, scheduling, and freeing up space. What makes this tool unique is its ability to work as a complex program depending on needs. Advanced users can create their custom scripts to customize how the software works.

MyDefrag is a free program that works much faster than others to deliver better disk performance. The Scheduler allows you to defrag files and directories automatically.

8. PerfectDisk Pro

Another amazing option on the list of best defrag software for Windows 11 is PerfectDisk Pro which packs an impressive array of features. It is a flexible program that allows scheduling disk defragmentation as per your preferences. This tool also helps recover disk space through the automatic deletion of duplicates on the system. It offers powerful features like Control Resource Throttling, Boot Time Defrag, Auto Optimization when the system is idle, and more.

9. Eusing Free Registry Defrag

A free defrag software that optimizes Windows by removing fragments, gaps, and wasted space, this tool aims to improve your system performance, save memory and reduce boot time. The program is designed to defragment the Windows registry quickly by scanning and removing spaces, reducing registry size, and optimizing the overall performance.

10. Auslogics Disk Defrag

One of the most efficient and fastest defrag tools for Windows, Auslogics Disk Defrag is free for personal and commercial use. With this program, it is easy to move commonly used files to faster areas of the disk for improved performance. The software takes only a few minutes to defragment an average hard disk.

The defrag tool also merges scattered free blocks to prevent further fragmentation. Also, you can see a list of the most fragmented files and the location of fragments. It allows defragmenting single files and folders and provides customization options to adjust the functionality to meet your needs and preferences.

11. WinContig

Finally, WinContig is a powerful standalone defrag tool that creates no directories or registry entries on the PC. It is specifically designed to defragment individual files and folders without having to defrag the entire disk. It works with hard disks and SSDs and comes with support for NTFS and FAT32 file systems.

WinContig offers a customizable interface and support for command-line switches you can use to control the way the program functions. It is freeware that can be used on any number of Windows computers for personal and commercial use.

Final Thoughts

These are some of the best defrag software available for Windows 11. Most of the programs are free to use and provide a hassle-free disk defragmentation process with additional options. Choose any of these programs to boost your system performance and efficiency.