Best Free Single Player Games On Steam In 2023

Though playing games in groups and with friends is fun and exciting, there are several benefits of solo gaming such as moving at your own pace and comfort, no screaming, no worries about internet connections, and no rush or pressure.

If you too want to try your hands on some single player games, there are several options available on Steam.

Here are some of the best free-to-play single player games on Steam you can try in 2023.

Grimm’s Hollow

This free single player adventure game is one of the best RPGs you could try in 2023. In this game, you play the character of Lavender and navigate through the town of Hollow interacting with the folk, buying food items, and replenishing your health to progress through the plot.

2D maps are presented in a top-down perspective for a realistic feel. You also collect points by fighting ghosts and use them for food or progress. The combat takes place in ghost caverns and an encounter starts when you interact with a moving ghost.


If you a fan of puzzles and like mastering this skill with new single-player titles, Gravitas is a nice little free game on Steam you can download. It is a puzzle-platformer released back in 2019 by Galaxy Shark Studios.

In this game, the player is taken to the Gallery of Refined Gravity where they can manipulate the gallery and gravity to showcase their skills. As you reach the gallery, you meet the Curator who accompanies you through the puzzling exhibits.

Snake Force

This free single-player title was the highest-played PC game in 2023 based on the number of monthly players. The shooter game comes from Soda and is inspired by the classic game of Snake. The player helps rescue friends and fights against the enemy as a team.

The shape of the squad has to be retained because bullets hurt as they are hit. There are six levels in the game with a secret mode. If you find the game difficult, you can activate a cheat mode that makes it easier.

Doki Doki Literature Club!

One of the most popular Steam games available for free, this horror visual novel became an instant classic when it was released. It got popular for its unconventional plot structure with multiple endings and backstories with all the characters.

Though it initially appears to be a light romance simulator, it is originally a psychological horror game that receives a lot of attention for its fear-provoking elements.

You play as a male protagonist who is convinced to join the literature club full of cute girls. You write poems using different words and listen to cutscenes related to characters depending on who likes the poem.

All this continues only until the game takes an unexpected, scary turn after which it doesn’t work as you expect. The second half of the game is what makes it so unique and talked about; you can find out yourself by getting it for free on Steam.

At Home Alone Final

Another great choice for those who like single-player horrors, At Home Alone Final is the third and complete version of the series.

It started in 2018 as a short psychological horror story and came as a full, paid sequel before going free in this final incarnation available on Steam.

You take the role of a young girl left home alone. You then follow her adventures as she goes through a variety of events, giving you exciting gameplay as the story unfolds.

Half-Life 2: Downfall

This single-player FPS on Steam takes you back to the origins of the iconic game series and impresses players with a fast passage and good storyline. The character of Freeman is a mysterious protagonist faced with the task of rebuilding the system that crashed while testing new technology.

The character not only repairs and restores it but has to protect it against zombies and head crabs. The latest incarnation has improved graphics, newer weapons, and a refined storyline that only makes this free-to-play more popular.

What Never Was

A short, narrative-driven FPS available for free on Steam, What Never Was feels like a mix of Myst and Gone Home. It is a bit small-scale as you have access to a single attic and not a whole house but it still feels like a real place filled with information waiting to be unveiled.

It is mainly a mouse-control game where left-clicking would prompt the character to say about what you are looking at and right-clicking picks it up. You find clues to solve the puzzles which aren’t so complicated.

Siren’s Call

This single-player Steam game is a friendship simulator where your friends can fight back. It is about going to college with friends who have their own changing personalities as the story progresses. The game has beautiful graphics and boasts a nice psychological horror touch that makes it exciting.

It not only glues you through a compelling story but also makes you feel anxious and excited at the same time. It is overall an amazing visual novel that holds a lot of surprises for you at every step.

Star Fetchers

An action-packed 2D adventure with some magical decadence, Star Fetchers is about guiding the sword of the character through the mouse and slicing enemies in aggressive battles.

You play as Zambezi and Sanyati, two thugs who are on their mission to take down the Doghead, a notorious gangster. You can play as either of the two characters and use their unique abilities to complete the mission.

The free game provides exciting combat, newer districts to explore, a chance to meet new people, and a shop to buy cool stuff along with much more for a dose of entertainment.

Single player, as well as multiplayer games, have their own perks and flaws. However, it is completely up to the player what and how he/she chooses to play. We have listed the top single player Steam titles that would ensure an amazing gaming experience at your pace, time, and convenience.