12 Best Golf Apps For Apple Watch 2023

While the Apple Watch is undoubtedly one of the most functional tech devices making your lives easier, it offers a bit more to golfers and golf enthusiasts by doubling as a golf GPS watch.

Whether you want GPS yardages or automatic shot tracking, there are tons of ways you can use your Apple Watch to its maximum potential on the golf course.

There are so many golf apps designed to offer you golf tracking functionality and other impressive features. In this post, we take a look at the best apps you can consider downloading for your Apple Watch in 2023.

1. Golf Game Book

An excellent app for those who are interested in competitions, Golf Game Book is aimed at group scoring on your Watch. It lets you create tournaments with real-time score tracking and also allows viewing the leader board on the device with simultaneous stroke-play scores for up to 4 players.

It also boasts a range-finding feature to let you enter data for putts taken and fairways hit/missed. Though it is not slick like some other apps on the market, its group scoring feature makes it worth giving a try.

2. V1 Game

Ever since its launch, the app has grown in popularity to become one of the best choices for serious golfers. What makes V1 Game superior in the category is its shot tracking that requires no club tags.

The dashboard provides comprehensive analysis and illuminating strokes gained with the help of the shot and score data.

The app has a simple display featuring front-middle-back yardages with GPS but it stands out with the auto-shot detection feature. Whenever a shot is hit, the watch vibrates to prompt you to select the club. It also uses AI to trace your steps and predict where a shot was missed.

3. GolfShot

Designed to bring you the auto shot tracking with your Apple Watch, GolfShot stands as one of the better options on the market.

This app automatically tracks each shot you take to give you a more seamless experience. You can expect a set of powerful GPS features while managing the game in one place.

GolfShot lets you enjoy real-time distance to the green, detailed stats, club recommendations, targets, and hazards on more than 40,000 courses across the world, and course flyover previews among other things.

4. VPar App

The go-to app for live scoring, the VPar app for Watch features GPS tracking for 30,000 courses, challenges, and stat tracking. With this application, you can set up live tournaments and leader boards with friends.

It shows accurate back, front and middle yardages and gives you the ability to log the score right from your device. It even allows tracking stats like greens in regulation, driving accuracy, and more to help identify what part of your game requires improvement.

5. Arccos Caddie

This is the first AI-based platform that syncs with sensors to track your shots automatically while delivering insights and averages.

The app also boasts an AI-powered GPS rangefinder and caddie advisor for any hole on the earth to help golfers make wiser decisions, shoot lower scores and improve, regardless of their level.

Using the app on your Apple Watch is a breeze; the watch detects the shots automatically and displays yardages to the green while suggesting your gameplay ahead.

6. SwingU

Those who want stats on Strokes Gained without club tags would find this app useful. It has a dedicated feature for strokes gained stat for putting, driving, bunker play, and approach shots. The app has a shot tracker but should be tapped every time for start and end.

You can also see wind speed, recommended club, and other options along with a digital scorecard. It also has a powerful GPS rangefinder capability that gives yardage to the green and hazards on any golf course on the earth. It is overall an ideal choice for beginners or those who want an Apple Watch golf app on a budget.

7. 18Birdies

One of the most feature-packed apps on the list, 18Birdies has grown to offer much more than just analysis and scoring. It does a great job at scoring with the ability to add putts, fairways hit/missed, strokes, greens in regulation, and more right from your wrist.

A big part of the app experience comes from personalized recommendations based on weather aspects. The app is quite well-designed and includes a lot of fun extra games.

8. Hole19

A highly popular golf app for Apple Watch, Hole19 is known for its simplicity that elevates the entire experience. You get distances to the middle, front, and back of the green and can keep the score on the watch.

With Watch specifications getting better, you can expect a seamless experience on this app. While there is a premium tier that offers advanced features, the free version is worth giving a try.

9. The Grint

If you are not behind intuitive shot tracking, the Grint is one of the best options for the Apple Watch. Scoring with the app is fast and clear; the hole-by-hole scoring feature lets you enter putts, hazards, and driving accuracy.

It sits somewhere between playful and more serious apps with some of the most casual and social features added from time to time.

10. Zepp Golf

This free app for Apple Watch includes an interactive leaderboard, scorecard, swing library, training system, and video swing capture to help users capture and edit shots with voiceovers and graphics.

Real-time metrics and a swing tracker are also available on the Watch. You can add the sensor to your glove to keep track of important game aspects like club plane, speed, backswing, and tempo.

11. Golf Pad

This GPS and shot tracker app offers several basic functionalities for free including a rangefinder, shot tracking, scorecards, aerial course maps, club recommendations, and more.

The Apple Watch version of this app is quite intuitive and user-friendly with all the important stats accessible right on your wrist.

12. Tag Heuer

This Watch app tracks your rounds to give you a chance to get a 3D flyover of thousands of golf courses. You can also access slick interactive 2D course maps and distances to the hazards and greens.

You also receive shot measuring, insights, scores, and real-time club recommendations. There is also an on-device scoring option where you can add four friends and keep a leaderboard.

These are some of the top golf apps you can use with your wearable device to stay on top of the game aspects and enhance your gameplay. There are tons of free and paid golf apps out there; the ideal choice for you ultimately depends on your preferences and needs.