Best Metaverse Games You Can Play In 2023

Metaverse is a hot topic in 2023 and is believed to be the next step in the advancement of the internet.

It is essentially a bridge connecting the digital and virtual worlds and comprises a large number of games and applications that allow internet users to be a part of a community where they explore new things and meet new people.

In this article, we talk about some of the best Metaverse games worth giving a try in 2023.


This Ethereum-based game has quickly amassed a lot of popularity in the Metaverse. In Sandbox, players get a virtual world where they can create and earn from experiences. It also gives virtual land pieces in the form of non-fungible tokens.

You can explore the map to select your land and buy it using your crypto wallet. Sand is the game’s currency that you can use to buy items in the virtual market.

Just like other Metaverse games, you can create your avatar and move around socializing with other players. You also find a wide range of quests throughout the game that you can complete to earn rewards.


An exciting and fun adventure game, Krystopia is something that maze and puzzle lovers would find appealing.

In this Metaverse game, you play the character of a space explorer named Captain Nova Dune and embark on a captivating journey on Planet Krystopia where you explore and solve the mysteries and uncover secrets as you proceed.

Nova and her alien pet encounter the inhabitants and enter escape-room-style challenges that make the game interesting.

Axie Infinity

Launched in 2018, Axie Infinity has quickly grown to become a highly popular play-to-earn Metaverse game. The NFT-based game is Pokemon-inspired and boasts fantasy features that take the experience to another level.

Axies are the creatures available for breeding, raising, collecting, and trading in this game. These creatures have their own characteristics and abilities. They can be used to battle with others and earn game rewards. This game is particularly famous for its high chance of earning real money.


Decentraland is a great choice for those who are fascinated by the idea of owning land in Metaverse. This is a fully decentralized game where users can own the land they live in. It lets players build a virtual environment and rent out pieces of land and structures on it – parks, cinemas, hotels, houses, casinos, and more.

Decentraland even allows players to explore and visit nearby properties to socialize. The game also hosts different events where people can gather and enjoy. You can earn income by organizing concerts and selling tickets, trading wearables and names in the marketplace, or setting up an auction of digital art pieces.


This upcoming Metaverse game has already created a lot of buzz in the gaming landscape. The open-world RPG is in its development phase and should be available for play in 2023. In Illuvium, your goal is to explore the world and collect the deity-like creatures called ‘Illuvials’.

These creatures have powers and can help you fight monsters and other players. You can also trade them with NFTs or merge three of the same types to make one new creature to raise their value. Players can discover armor and weapons from the game environment.

Second Life

This Metaverse game was introduced a few years back but has managed to remain one of the favorites among enthusiasts. In this game, users can create their avatars to live another life in the digital world. Players are called ‘Residents’ and can be given a real-like appearance.

The game also allows enjoying a virtual experience by attending events, meeting other players, and doing more. Second Life even has a virtual marketplace where people can trade various items ranging from clothing and furniture to cars and real estate.


The world’s first blockchain ecosystem offering services across a number of games, Ultra is known for its notable achievement of growing quickly to up to 12,000 transactions per second.

The platform allows using various services to access games and in-game items. Players also get the option of interacting with their favorite influencers, participating in challenges and tournaments, and watching live feeds of their favorite shows.


This game was introduced a few years back and has attained huge popularity since then with over 250 million active users at this time. Zepeto lets you create an avatar the way you look actually and contact avatars of other players across the world.

You can also make virtual things and sell them using the game’s currency which is Zems. As you play the game, you can earn as much as you want and then exchange it for real money.


One of the most successful Metaverse games ever, Sorare is the perfect example of innovation in the gaming industry. This non-franchise football game is based on the Ethereum blockchain and has attracted a large number of formal football clubs.

In this game, players can buy cards and make their fantasy teams, and score points by evaluating the performance of players in matches their cards represent. Teams scoring the highest points get a chance to design new cards every week.

My Neighbor Alice

In this multi-player game, you can own virtual farming lands and islands. The gameplay is quite similar to Farmville as you select what crops you grow and what livestock you breed.

You also get a chance to practice other livelihood activities like operating a bee farm and selling honey. The marketplace allows trading NFTs including houses, plants, animals, décor items, clothes, etc.

These are some of the most popular Metaverse games that provide the life-like gaming experiences people are looking for. The future definitely holds a lot of potential for advancement in this area of the gaming industry.