7 Best Websites to Watch Movies & TV Shows Free in 2022

Best Websites to Watch Movies and TV Shows for Free

As the pandemic continues into 2022, more people are facing the prospects of longer, and more strict, lockdowns. As a result, more of us are looking for new safe and free ways to access our favorite movies and shows in 2022. Although there is no “perfect” website for watching movies, using these websites does save you from having to sign up for one of the dozens of streaming services which are popping up everyday. It is important to note before we begin, that the use of these websites is considered piracy and therefore illegal in many places. If you do decide to access these websites, then please use a VPN and understand the risks you are taking. Also note that these websites will in general have a lot of ads, so we do recommend using an ad-blocker before accessing them.

We present you with the best websites to watch movies and TV shows in 2022 (UPDATED LIST):


URL: https://fmovies.to/home

FMovies is a dependable streaming website which, despite the name, offers both movies and TV shows for free viewership. While the original website has been shut down due to copyright, many clones have come up. The majority of these clones, while functional, are full of ads so please do use them cautiously and with an ad-block installed. FMovies is particularly great for international audiences, as it has an option to sort movies by country. Members of our team have been using Movies for years now, and although the actual URL can change from time to time, the core website stays true to its promise: delivering free movies and shows for free to audiences around the world.


URL: https://ww1.123moviesfree.net

A legendary name amongst movie piracy circles, 123Movies is an on-demand movie-streaming website which is free for the end user. There are many clones of the website, and you must be wary of fake mirrors/clones which might be hosting malware or lead you to phishing websites – never enter your personal information into any of these websites. The URL given is currently the most post popular version of 123Movies (previous/original versions were banned due to copyright). The website is one of the world’s most popular movies and shows with almost 15 million page views monthly, and the majority of videos we checked were HD and working seamlessly on both PC and mobile. The website separates different media you can watch in terms of categories. You can also sort watch to watch by filtering the top movies by IMDB ratings, or by country.


URL: https://azm.to/

With a beautiful design and a simple mission, AZMovies is one of the OG movie-streaming websites. It has an absolutely massive library of movies you can select from, and they have also added a TV Show option to the website, allowing you to watch your favorite drama series at any time. One big drawback to the website is the annoying notification ads, which required us to download a strong adblocker to use. It was given a 3/5 rating by streamingsites and we can tell why – it’s a promising website to watch movies for free, with unfortunately too many ads. One huge factor we should mention about AZMovies is the availability of thousands of classical movies all the way back from the 30s which you can watch for free on the website.


URL: https://yesmovies.ag

Originally registered as yesmovies.to, this streaming website gained it’s popularity a few years ago by providing users with a clean, simple and direct way to search for movies and shows and watch them immediately. While the original domain was taken down, the legacy of YesMovies lives on through its many mirrors which are emulating the founding statement of the website. With a clean homepage, users can select to watch either movies or TV shows. The homepage for each selection features the most popular current movies/shows at the time. This makes it ideal for those users who are not sure what watch and simply want to kill a few hours without Netflix. Users can also search between different Genres of movies.


URL: https://putlocker-is.org

Putlocker is a name many of us remember from the old days of movies streaming – it was the name of a popular video streaming mirror which many pirate websites used at the time. The original domain was blocked in the UK and this led to downfall of the website. However, dozens of mirrors of the website came out, which allow you to search and stream from thousands of movies and tv shows for free. It is unknown which the original domain is, but the URL mentioned is one of the most popular mirrors of the original website, and has minimal advertising.


URL: https://soap2day.rs

Originally released as a way for users to watch TV shows (specifically soap operas) for free, the website grew rapidly in popularity and the owners decided to include movies into the streaming site’s database. With multiple working mirrors for each media, Soap2Day is one of the most reliable websites on this list. Although the original website was taken down (as with most of the domains on this list), users can still cautiously access one of the many mirrors that popped up after, to watch their favorite shows for free. The current website features a simple search function on its homepage where you can search for whichever media you want to watch.

YTS (torrents)

URL: https://yts.mx/

Those of us who have been pirating movies for a while will be familiar with the YIFY name. YIFY is a legendary uploader of movies and shows that was the leading uploader on torrent (P2P) websites. A couple of years ago, YIFY created their own website where they host movies which can be downloaded via P2P torrents. Although their website was taken down, mirrors do exist which are reliable. The reason this website was mentioned on this list is the fact that downloading movies/shows this way guarantees an almost unparalleled movie watching experience: downloading these YIFY torrents gives you the best quality of media, as well as the option to add subtitles to whatever you’re watching. The major drawback to this is, of course, that you will need to use torrents to download these movies.