7 Google Map Alternatives That Work In 2022

Google Map Alternatives

Google Maps is the default navigation app used popularly by Android as well as web users around the world. Millions of people use it on their devices to check the distance, find directions, and locate landmarks. Maps not only provides live traffic updates but also supports multiple languages and allows switching to incognito mode.

Sometimes, however, you may not want or can’t use Google Maps for some reason or look for more functionality out of your navigation app. If you feel that Maps is not working for you, there are many other similar apps that offer all the services and some extras. Let us look at the top Google Map alternatives you can try in 2022.

1. Bing Maps

The closest competitor of Google Maps, the Microsoft-owned map service is as old as Google’s and comes loaded with plenty of useful features. It has an ad-free, intuitive interface with all the controls for traffic, sharing, and directions placed on the top.

You get all the features including aerial, road, and streetside layers along with walking, driving, and transit maps. Adding destinations along the route and printing the map is quite easy with this tool.

Bing Maps offers a better resolution and a more user-friendly interface as compared to Google. Moreover, the maps are more detailed with multiple layers. It also allows you to save places to a personal library for later use.

2. MapQuest

A simple, easy-to-use navigation app for Android and iOS, MapQuest makes an amazing Google Maps alternative, particularly if you like commuting through public transport.

The app can identify your location and show you the directions and route for the destination along with information like traffic, distance, and fuel cost estimates. Just like Maps, it offers turn-by-turn, elaborate instructions to make your navigation easier.

Apart from the basic navigation features, MapQuest features ETA, real-time traffic conditions, auto re-routing, weather reports, location sharing, the ability to detect accidents, cameras, slowdowns, construction sites, and roadside assistance. Overall, MapQuest is a great tool for those who want an app that can be customized to meet personal needs.

3. Waze

A unique navigation app that makes an excellent substitute for Google Maps, Waze is a community-driven service that focuses on the social aspect of driving. It is a highly intuitive app with an interactive system whereby users can warn others about hazards, speed cameras, traffic conditions, and other things in real-time as they drive. You also get information about under-construction sites, police, and gas stations on your route.

Like Google Maps, Waze allows searching for locations, planning routes, and adding destinations for easy navigation. It even includes a map editor that lets you customize the map for any area. You can also add your home or work address, save your favorite places and change how you appear to others.

4. Maps.me

This Google Maps alternative is different from others as it comes as a mobile-only app without any website. Also, it is one of the few apps that allows navigating without using data or Wi-Fi. All the maps are available for offline use, so there is no worrying about internet connectivity during your transit. The app does not use much of your phone’s storage.

Maps.me is a nice app that works for multiple scenarios. You can enter your destination to see all the routes available and the best route to visit the place efficiently. A distinct feature is the Point of Interest displayed within maps to let you discover new places you may not otherwise find. It also benefits hikers with its regularly updated database of hiking trails around the world. Moreover, you can bookmark a trip or hike and share it with your friends too.

5. Here WeGo

Though not so popular as other Google Map alternatives, Here WeGo packs some really impressive features. It can be used as a mobile app and web-based service to access basic features like navigation, detailed routes, places to visit, accurate prices, and info on public transport options around the area. Here WeGo also offers route conditions using information like speed cameras, Twitter feeds, police reports, construction sites, and other data to provide you the fastest route.

Here WeGo specializes in various forms of transport including bus, train, subway, metro, bike, ferry, and more. You can also archive entire territories and continents to access maps offline. Like Google Maps, it also has multiple layers like transit, traffic, satellite, and terrain. It is overall a perfect choice for minimalists who want a clean and simple-to-use app for navigation.

6. Citymapper

Though narrower in scope as compared to Google Maps, Citymapper does its core job better than any other navigation app. It is essentially a public transport application designed to make public transit easy for people. The app shows how to get around cities via tram, bus, trains, subway, and other public transport modes. It relies on a constantly updated database of transport routes in the supported cities to keep you on top of the alerts and prices for your favorite locations.

Citymapper features a multi-mode journey planner that supports a wide variety of transit options for any city. The Go Assist tool gives you real-time suggestions and instructions as you navigate. Moreover, it comes with Uber integration to help with cab booking. The app ensures that you are always aware of bus and train schedules and availability.

7. Sygic Maps

Finally, Sygic Maps is a largely downloaded mapping application worth considering as a Google Maps substitute. This app is an ideal choice for those who want to make the most of their saved maps. It lets you search for offline maps and download them on the device so you need not worry about running out of service. A great thing about this service is that you can save maps without a Premium subscription.

Another impressive feature of Sygic Maps is the 3D real view for maps that makes it easier to figure out where you are and which direction you should head. It also comes with support for voice-guided navigation in a variety of languages. Some other features of the app include lane guidance, pedestrian navigation, junction views, alternate routes, and more. Sygic Maps also offers car audio integration to give you constant alerts on speed limits, police traps, and fixed speed cameras.

Final Thoughts

These are some of the Google Map alternatives that should help you navigate with ease. However, each app has its pros and cons and the best choice for you depends on how you plan to use the service. Those who are always on the go would benefit from offline access while city explorers should look for detailed maps.

If you are looking for a mapping app for your car, focus on ease of use. While Google Maps is certainly a powerful navigation tool, these alternatives should offer you a more personalized experience and extra features.