The Best Free-To-Play Games On Steam In 2023

The popular storefront from Valve is surely one of the go-to sources for PC gamers to find their next favorite. Steam has an extensive library and a constant influx of newer titles that make it a preferred place for those who are looking for entertainment and diversity.

However, with so many new games added every day and a large number of charts to keep track of, it can become difficult to find the best free titles worth trying.

Let us look at some of the best free-to-play Steam games you should give a try in 2023.

Dota Underlords

While there are several options for autobattlers out there, Dota Underlords is one of the best available on Steam. The game puts you in control of a squad of heroes battling for supremacy against enemies until only one player is left.

The unique aspect of this game is the Underlords that bestow their strengths upon your team. This type of gameplay can be confusing at first but provide a great ground for experimentation and skill development.


This is a character-based shooter game resembling Team Fortress and Overwatch. The playable characters fall into one of the four categories – support hero, front line fighter, flanking character, and damage dealer.

Paladins offers over 30 characters to choose from and a card system you can use to customize the load-outs of your character at the beginning of a match. Load-outs can be used to adjust the health, speeds, and abilities of your characters, adding an interesting twist to the gameplay.

Destiny 2

The latest additions of Destiny might set you back, but the base game is available for free on Steam. Bungie’s hybrid of MMO and FPS has seen several changes since its inception but this free-to-play version is certainly your best bet.

In this game, you play as a warrior with your team and travel to the space undertaking interplanetary challenges. You can expect to see some great gunplay across the gaming modes to find hours of gameplay in this action-heavy MMO that appeals to Call of Duty fans.


This free-to-play Steam title is perfect for PC gamers looking for some Super Smash Bros-style action. It is one of the few great PC platform fighters that you can enjoy for nothing. It tasks you with fighting opponents on floating platforms and trying to knock them off to score.

Inputs can change fighter attacks but it is easy to learn their movesets. Brawlhalla focuses much on weapon-based fights so you can always find weapons raining from above.

It keeps things fresh with rotating characters, newer weapons, and equipment. You can also buy characters and weapons using the game currency.

Apex Legends

Steam hosts a whole lot of free-to-play battle titles but Apex Legends is one of the best picks for several reasons. Based on the fast-paced setting of the Titanfall series, the game offers gunplay and movement as exciting as you would expect but what sets it apart is the Legends themselves.

There is so much to discover here – from adrenaline junkies to Scottish scientists, no matter what your playstyle is. With a constantly-evolving world, the gameplay stays fresh always.

Path of Exile

This title is one of the most serious action RPGs on the market and a generous one for being free-to-play. Though the basic gameplay sounds familiar, it gets far more interesting than what you would expect from a free game.

You choose a class and take on a Diabo-style journey killing enemies to level up. As you proceed farther from the early stages, you come across so much of item and class customization.

You can slot various gem patterns to customize your character and have tougher dungeons. The best thing is you pay only for weapon and armor upgrades.


It is an action-heavy, third-person shooting game about Robo ninjas fighting in a space setting. While the RPG can be daunting for new players, practicing it can reward you with a deep and interesting game.

The shooting action is quite solid and the mission-based structure makes it accessible for newbies as well. However, equipment and weapons demand some grinding before you can fulfill your thirst for collection. The stylish-looking title is worth a shot if you are looking for an action free-to-play on Steam.

Card Hunter

This is a beautiful squad RPG based around collectible cards. This free game gets you battling through dungeons guided by a master to level up your squad and build the deck.

Card Hunter gives you a lot of gameplay before having to pay and you can even enjoy competition and co-op modes. There are many amazing collectible digital card games out there, but this is one of the best available on Steam.

War Thunder

An extremely detailed military MMO available on Steam, War Thunder is simple to comprehend but features extensive depth levels for those who want to master it.

The game offers so much across its air, ground, and naval battles, boasting powerful vehicles from armies, tanks, and warships. You can even unlock new vehicles with paid offers but the Steam title doesn’t ask you to pay anything to practice and master the skills.

Dota 2

One of the most popular titles on Steam, Dota 2 is about two teams of wizards battling to destroy the enemy base. It is based on a big international tournament that attracts millions of fans every year.

The free-to-play version of this game is smooth and exciting, though it can be daunting for newbies in the genre as there are hundreds of heroes with their personal skills and abilities. However, practicing it for some time will give you one of the most expansive experiences ever on a PC without any cost.

These are some of the most impressive free-to-play games you can find on Steam in 2023. Choose the one that suits your playstyle and enjoy your favorite gaming experience for free.