14 Best iPad Apps You Must Have 2023

While the iPad is undoubtedly the best of tablets today, it is the wide range of applications that sets it apart from others. The right app can transform the device into virtually anything you desire to make your jobs easier. However, the selection is so huge that finding the best apps to download on your iPad can be daunting.

In this post, let us take a look at some of the best iPad apps you must get in 2023 to make the most out of your Apple device.

1. iMovie

Creating videos and movies on the powerful tablet is pure fun which is why this application secures a top spot on our list. iMovie is an affordably-priced app that lets you create videos effortlessly using multi-touch gestures.

You can select from a number of templates to make eye-catching trailers. There also exist animated drop zones that allow selecting the best clips and pictures for your trailer. It even lets you save videos in 4k resolution and use iCloud or Airdrop to work on your projects from multiple Apple devices.

2. Procreate

An excellent app for digital artists looking to make the most out of the iPad’s capabilities, Procreate offers a variety of tools you need to create paintings, sketches, and illustrations.

The app gives you over 135 types of brushes to work with and the brush editor packs a range of filters to facilitate professional-quality drawing.

3. VLC For Mobile

The popular open-source media player is an excellent app worth downloading on iPad. Firstly, it facilitates offline playback by allowing you to load your favourite videos into the player for watching later.

During playback, you can skip through sections using gestures or move backward and play around with the audio and picture. With this app, you can also stream movies from your PC to your iPad.

4. Pocket

This is an iPad app for readers designed to compile streamlined collections of pages for reading later at your convenience.

The interface is quite appealing where articles are stripped back to pictures and words. This makes the experience better than reading on original websites, as you can go through the content without any distractions.

5. Fantastical

Designed to offer iPad users a calendar that not only keeps track of events and schedules but also saves time, Fantastical works with your existing calendar data and offers several powerful features to speed up things.

You can find a scrolling ticker that quickly takes you to past and present events. Built-in weather forecasts make sure you don’t encounter sudden troubles at locations where your events are scheduled.

6. NordVPN

A virtual private network for iPad, NordVPN secures the internet traffic on your device to protect your privacy and security. It allows you to connect to servers across countries so you can also use it to bypass geographic restrictions when accessing your favourite services.

The app works really well on iPad; setting it up and using is quite simple. Connections established through the VPN are reliable and fast-speed as well.

7. LiquidText PDF Reader

Though marketed as a tool for reading and annotating PDFs, LiquidText PDF Reader is a powerful package that does a lot more. The iPad app helps gather thoughts and ideas dynamically and speeds up getting at important content within documents.

With this app, you can import PDF files, make highlights and bring excerpts to the work area. The application is perfectly suitable for iPad touchscreen with support for Apple Pencil and gestures.

8. Things 3

A powerful task manager for iPad, Things 3 is aimed at making sure you can get more done through a streamlined workflow model that makes it easy to collect thoughts, and plan your day and your schedules ahead.

It is a versatile app that can be as simple or as expansive as you want it to be. You can work with Today and Upcoming views to manage to-dos or add nested lists to handle more complex tasks.

9. Ventusky

This is a wonderful weather app for iPad that presents an animated map rather than filling the screen with figures and stats. You can see wind patterns across the display to make it easy to figure out where the weather comes from.

An impressive thing is that the maps are interactive; you can switch the layers between conditions like cloud, rainfall, and temperature. You can also pinch to zoom and shrink the map to a small globe you can spin using a finger.

10. Cardhop

Cardhop redefines the iPad’s Contacts app by making it far more useful and usable. It makes use of existing data on iCloud and other address books and transforms the way you perform tasks.

You can use a powerful search function to get data that is otherwise not so accessible or add a new contact quickly. Tapping on some data in a card doesn’t trigger an action but presents you with options to choose from.

11. Zen Studio

A unique coloring and painting app for iPad, Zen Studio uses a triangular grid rather than giving a blank canvas for free-form drawing. You can tap spaces to get them filled with colors as a note plays.

Such a mix of coloring and music is quite relaxing for kids as well as adults. The app also gives access to tutorials that teach you how to create beautiful pictures with the tools available.

12. Spark

Designed to make your email management more efficient on your iPad, Spark lets you glance through your mails with a unified inbox. You can also search through your inbox using natural language.

The app also finds your most-used signatures automatically so you can access the most suitable ones instantly when composing an email. You can even set up custom replies to respond quickly to incoming emails.

13. Microsoft Excel

You can easily use the Microsoft app on iPad to create reports out of complex data. This app is particularly useful for analysts who are in charge of preparing reports over different periods.

It also comes in handy for finance and marketing professionals who need to show and explain charts during meetings and presentations.

14. Paprika

The perfect iPad app for those who manage a kitchen, Paprika is different from other apps that focus on shopping lists and recipes. It is a fully featured scrapbook and meal planner you can use for different aspects of your culinary world.

You can take recipes from websites or add them manually, make changes to improve the method, or add pictures. There is also an ingredients tracker, printing function, and menu creator.

These are some of the top apps you can consider downloading on your iPad in 2023 to make the most out of its functionality and features.