11 Best Windows 10 Skin Themes & Packs In 2022

Best Windows 10 Skin Themes and Packs

If you have been using Windows 10 for quite some time, you would agree that things look more or less the same from day one.

However, most of us get bored with the same appearance and like to customize our PCs with new wallpapers and themes. There are many themes and skin packs available in the market to give your computer a new look.

Here are the top Windows 10 skin themes and packs you can consider trying in 2022.

1. Oxford Theme

This is one of the most popular and minimalistic skin packs for Windows 10. The most impressive aspect of this theme is the icons designed keeping simplicity in mind.

It can be installed like any other theme quickly on your computer and laptop. Oxford theme is particularly ideal for those who like to keep things simple on their PC. It can be downloaded quickly and works on Windows without taking up a lot of resources.

2. Ubuntu Skin Pack

Ubuntu is the most popular Linux distro loved by people across the globe for its personalized designs. Ubuntu skin pack allows you to enjoy the same interface on your Windows PC. Installing this pack on your Windows 10 will transform the entire look and feel into Ubuntu style.

It gives you wallpapers, icons, login screens, and animations resembling the Ubuntu platform and even lets you enjoy customizability. You can customize keyboard shortcuts, mouse gestures, change the position of the dock bar and do a lot more on your PC.

3. Aero Glass

A unique-looking theme for Windows 10, Aero Glass is a cool theme that gives your PC a glassy interface. It is a highly popular theme as it comes loaded with customization options others don’t offer. The beautiful transparent design all over your interface looks great and adds a nice touch to your computer.

It replaces some opaque elements on the screen with transparency. Moreover, you can customize your taskbar or Start menu with a blur effect, change how the caption buttons look and even use rounded borders. It is overall a lightweight theme that looks amazing.

4. StartIsBack

This Windows 10 theme is for those who are fascinated by the Classic Windows 7 menu. If you liked the Start menu of the older Windows version more and find it easier to navigate, StartIsBack would appeal to you.

It allows customizing the Start menu the way you like and make it clutter-free. It is a lightweight theme that gives you access to all the options and settings. You can find features like recently used apps, search and customization options from Windows 7.

5. Simplify 10

Designed to do exactly what the name suggests, Simplify 10 is an excellent choice for a Windows 10 theme. It aims to make things as simple as possible and give you the cleanest avatar of your Windows.

It is a great theme for people who like to keep their desktops neat and clutter-free. Simplify 10 pack provides you with about 20 minimalistic, elegant themes to give your computer a new look. It also comes in a Dark version that packs 56 themes in all. You can choose from color patterns, icons, and fonts to customize your PC to your liking.

6. Silk

One of the top recommended Windows 10 themes, Silk promises to transform the look of your PC completely with beautiful skins. It can enhance your native Windows look to something minimal with a plethora of customization options.

You can choose from gorgeous wallpapers and various color schemes to customize the appearance to your liking. A reason for its popularity is that it is light on resources and can run on the lowest available configurations.

7. macOS Transformation Pack

Many of us love the aesthetics of macOS but cannot enjoy them on our devices. This Windows 10 theme, when installed on your PC, gives you a feel like a mac.

Once installed, it changes everything from wallpaper to cursor to resemble the Apple device. It also comes with the popular blue accent and an environment resembling macOS.

8. Flattastic

This is a favorite of many Windows 10 users for its elegance and charm. Flattastic allows getting a minimalistic makeover of your PC using a wide range of customization options available. One of the most impressive things about this theme is its 2-in-1 option.

You get eight versions each of dark and light themes with this pack. This means you can change the theme at any time to suit your mood without having to download another pack. Flattastic gives your taskbar and menu bar a transparent look. The best part is that it is free to download and use on Windows 10.

9. Games of Throne Skins

If you love games, this theme and skin pack for Windows 10 is an ideal choice for you. Those who have watched the episodes of Game of Thrones and are fascinated by the characters would like the appearance of their PC with this pack.

It contains 23 HD wallpapers in the game’s theme to choose from. With this download, you will never again find your Windows boring or dull again.

10. Arc X

Those who like white-black colors would definitely find this theme appealing. Though Arc X doesn’t transform your Windows 10 drastically, it equips the panels and elements with an elegant design. The overall color scheme looks like Linux which many prefer.

The windows header gets dark while the work area and side panel remain white. For a modern touch, the theme keeps borders rounded. It also packs HiDPi support for bigger screens. You can choose from a selection of high-quality wallpapers and select from light/dark mode for the menu.

11. Vanilla

Another option for those who love elegance, Vanilla is a nice theme for Windows 10 that gives your PC a look resembling a cloud service. It has a subtle, simple, appealing design that impresses users who love a clutter-free interface.

Though it doesn’t pack a lot of customization options, it does a great job at transforming your PC’s appearance. It comes with a collection of HD nature wallpapers which can be used for free.

Final Thoughts

Each of the Windows 10 themes and skin packs discussed here are popularly used and offers something special though the best one for you depends entirely on your taste and preferences.

Choose the one that complements your style and requirements the best to give your Windows 10 a new appearance!