7 Best Mac Cleaning Apps In 2023

If you see your Mac PC slowing down or freezing frequently, it probably requires a clean. There are several useful tools on the market designed to remove the clutter from your system and free up memory to give it a performance boost.

These applications help clean up your Mac, optimize memory, clean infections, uninstall unwanted programs and remove any junk files to get it running like new again.

In this post, let us take a look at the best Mac cleaning apps you can give a try in 2023.

1. CleanMyMac

One of the best Mac performance optimizer tools, CleanMyPC features comprehensive textual and visual disk usage information, and powerful drag-drop functionality.

It is quite simple to install and use. It is a unique Mac tool as it combines the features of cleaning software and antimalware in one. It has a dedicated module that performs an in-depth scan of the storage to detect junk files like unused images, cache, system logs, old updates, and more.

CleanMyMac also displays all your downloads so that you can uninstall unwanted/old/large files in bulk without much effort. The app helps you recover several GBs of space quickly while flushing useless items and repairing disk permissions. It is overall an all-in-one package to clean and optimize Mac PC.

2. MacCleaner Pro

This software is a suite of useful applications developed to clean up and optimize Mac PC. It offers tools that help identify and delete duplicate files and allows merging similar folders.

It also uninstalls unwanted apps safely and completely. Apart from the cleaner and uninstaller utilities, the program packs a duplicate file finder, memory cleaner, and Funter tool to locate hidden folders and files.

The free version of the app performs some tasks to help you clean your Mac. With the full version, you can get rid of junk files and large files occupying valuable disk space, free up memory and manage disk to optimize your system performance.

You are presented with an overview of the files you can remove from your Mac so you can easily decide which files you want to eliminate.

3. MacBooster 8

This version of MacBooster is a powerful tool that not only offers standard disk clean-up functionality like scanning for huge files, removing duplicates, recovering memory, and improving performance but also packs virus and malware scans to keep your Mac free of any malicious software.

The interface is comprehensive like any other cleaning app though advanced features can sometimes seem to be overwhelming for beginners. It also offers a free trial that lets you test the features before you can decide to buy the app.

4. DaisyDisk

Locating and removing all the space-hogging stuff on your Mac may not seem pleasant but DaisyDisk makes it quite simple and interesting. It is a Mac cleaning app designed with a focus on file management and presents a visual representation of all your folders to make it easy to identify what is taking up space and what you should delete.

With this app, you can view all the contents of your selected drive in a colorful, interactive graph. Files are classified into groups like Downloads, Documents, Music, and Large Files, each represented in a color showing how much space they are taking up. Each section can be clicked to view a further breakdown and files can be dragged easily to the bottom where junk files are stored.

5. App Cleaner & Uninstaller

This is a simple and easy-to-use Mac cleaner app which is a lightweight tool that does a great job of removing digital debris, broken links, and unwanted files from uninstalled apps.

As the name suggests, the application also allows removing programs safely and cleanly from the system and setting which apps launch at the startup. All these features are available in the free version though you can upgrade to enjoy better system optimization functionality.

6. Parallels Toolbox

A bunch of tools aimed at optimizing your Mac, Parallels Toolbox helps you perform a variety of tasks including the ability to clean the system. Some of the most useful components of this package that help clean your Mac include Uninstall Apps, Clean Drive, Free Memory, and Find Duplicates. The Clean Drive tool scans the drive you select and allows you to choose what you should remove.

When you uninstall apps from your system, they often leave behind files and folders. The Uninstall Apps component of Toolbox removes apps completely along with all their related files and traces. You can similarly run the Find Duplicates tool to find out identical files to free up space.

It even identifies duplicates with different file names. The app even lets you review large files and display the heaviest ones to help you free up some disk space and enhance the system performance.

7. Disk Doctor

Another amazing Mac cleaning app available on the market, Disk Doctor is designed to help carry out tasks that optimize and maintain Mac performance. The app fixes possible errors and allows fine-tune preferences to get the most out of the system. The simple yet effective program does a lot when it comes to disk space and memory optimization.

Once the app finishes scanning the six areas that include Browser Cache, Application Cache, Broken Login Items, and more, you can trash all your junk stuff without worrying about losing important files. Disk Doctor can also detect and remove unwanted files automatically – application cache, application logs, unused apps, browser cache, temporary files, leftovers, etc. from your Mac.

These are some of the best Mac cleaning and optimization apps out there. Choose the one that suits your needs and budget to speed up your system and improve its performance.