Best Marketplaces To Buy & Sell Websites – A Complete Guide

Best Marketplaces To Buy & Sell Websites

If you are looking to sell your website to make some profit out of your hard work or are interested in adding a new website to your business portfolio, there are several platforms that facilitate this.

These marketplaces are established entities that regulate the entire process from vetting the involved parties and figuring out the market value to ensuring secure transactions.

Here are some of the best places to buy existing apps and websites or sell them.


The most popular way to buy and sell websites is Shopify’s marketplace dedicated to eCommerce businesses. You can quickly create a private or public listing on the platform and obtain a valuation. You can either set your own price or use the suggested price for your listing. Details about the eCommerce store like traffic data and revenue are fetched directly from the Shopify account.

While Exchange is a great way to list your eCommerce store for sale, it cannot be used for other types of websites. Moreover, the sellers cannot adjust the sales revenue themselves; the platform calculates it automatically. This, however, helps buyers gain confidence in a listing as the numbers are legit. The marketplace supports Escrow and allows anonymous communication.


One of the best places to sell and buy websites, Flippa is an open marketplace that facilitates listing businesses, domains, services, blogs, tools, and mobile apps. The platform lists projects available for instant sale and bids along with their details like net profit. One of the most impressive things about this website is the ability to choose categories and budgets.

Flippa charges affordable listing and commission fees for offering the service. However, as it is an open marketplace, one should do his due diligence on a listing by contacting the seller. Sellers can use the valuation tool to find the worth of their website or app. Flippa has a large number of investors browsing the platform every month, so you are likely to find a great deal when you list your project on this website.

FE International

This platform has thousands of investors browsing the listings for some high-quality deals. FE International is an excellent site to buy and sell content development, eCommerce, and SaaS websites. It has a system in place where managers help sellers find serious buyers for their sites. It verifies all the websites it lists and links only genuine buyers and sellers.

On the marketplace, you can find all the websites available for sale in a listicle form along with their price, worth, and description. There is no charge for listing the project; you pay only when the deal is closed. However, the marketplace has a success rate of about 94% which means there is a high chance your site will get sold.

Empire Flippers

A popular marketplace for buying and selling websites, Empire Flippers is a reputed service that has sold millions worth of websites over the years. This means it is a great place to find a profitable deal adnd sell your site quickly without any issue. This platform has a verification process for sellers before listing their websites for sale.

This makes sure you find only verified apps and sites for purchase. However, the sites listed here are often on the higher end; you can expect to see hundreds and thousands of dollars worth of websites here.

Empire Flippers allows listing any online business including eCommerce stores, SaaS tools, or sites monetized through affiliate products. The marketplace follows a tiered commission structure where the charges increase with the size of the deal.

The best thing about this platform is that you need not verify the authenticity of the website. Moreover, you can search apps and websites by niche and filter the options by budget.


This is a decent marketplace for listing websites and apps and works for SaaS tools, eCommerce sites, and other types of websites. SideProjectors is more of a community for side projects like developer products, blogs, and more.

It is an excellent place to list a project that you are no longer using. Listing the project is free and the platform charges no commission on the sale. It also allows posting a project to get feedback, find a collaborator or simply showcase your work.


Boasting a success rate of 93% and a network of more than 10,000 buyers and sellers, BuySellEmpire makes another great platform for those who want to buy or sell websites.

It works for any type of business ranging from Amazon FBA and eCommerce store to content websites and SaaS tools. An impressive thing about this site is that it charges commission only if the deal closes.


MicroAcquire provides a convenient way to buy and sell websites by anonymously connecting buyers and sellers on the platform.

It is dedicated to SaaS tools and startups which makes it a bit limited in functionality as compared to other big marketplaces. However, it also implies that you can find exactly what you are looking to buy. MicroAcquire does not charge any commission and can be used for free.


Similar in operation to Flippa, BuyMySideProject is a platform where you can easily sell a side project you have been holding for a long. It involves a simple listing process without strict verifications. It is an open marketplace that allows dealing with buyers directly to close the deals.

However, when you buy from this website, you should contact the seller and verify details before entering into a transaction. Though not so popular as other marketplaces, BuyMySideProject offers good chances of getting your app or website sold with an open listing.

Final Thoughts

Whether you are looking to sell a website or app to generate some income or want to invest in a profitable website, these marketplaces should help you find the best deal. The right choice for the platform depends on the type of website you want to buy or sell and your budget.