GoodNotes App: Is It Worth The Money?

There are many powerful tools available to iOS users who want to make the most out of their devices. Note-taking apps are quite useful for students, professionals, and other people interested in capturing handwritten notes and jotting down thoughts on the go.

One such popular app which has been around for years is GoodNotes. Though there are several newer options available on the market, it remains one of the most favorites among iPad users.

In this post, we take a closer look at the GoodNotes app and discuss all you should know about it to decide whether it is worth the money.

GoodNotes App Review – UPDATED 2023

GoodNotes is certainly a fun, powerful, and well-rounded note-taking app for iPad known for its robust features and ease of use.

It is an excellent choice for anybody who appreciates smart organization and customization abilities. It not only offers a variety of features for smart note-taking but lets you organize your notes and documents neatly for easier access and better productivity.

User Interface

GoodNotes has an intuitive, user-friendly interface that makes it easy to get started. When you launch it, you are presented with a grid or list layout of your notebooks, notes, and folders in an easy-to-read format.

Tapping on any folder or document opens up additional options. At the bottom of the interface, you can find a menu that includes a search tool, quick access to your bookmarked notes, and a dedicated space for shared documents.

Using the note-taking app is quite simple and self-explanatory. All the important tools including the pen, highlighter, eraser, and stickers are available right on the top of the screen. Also, you can find a variety of features and options for the tools like adding sticky notes or custom colors to your presets. Everything is laid out in a smart, accessible manner.

Document Creation and Management

GoodNotes is designed with a focus on document management and organization and makes it a two-part process. When you create a new document in the app, it asks you whether you want to make a notebook or folder and then guides the workflow. You can add notes, images, scanned documents, PDFs, and other types of content into folders and notebooks.

The app also allows you to move and combine notebooks and pages for efficient management. You can quickly select one or more pages to move to another notebook or drag-drop to rearrange pages. Creating a notebook is also straightforward. Once you choose to create a new notebook, you are taken to a setup screen where you can select your cover and paper type and give it a name after which you can start jotting down your notes.

GoodNotes treats every notebook as a separate entity and provides customization ability for each. You can change colors, layouts, and themes for every page. This is particularly useful when you want to work on a project; there is no need to create new notes just to change the format or layout. You can simply change the theme for the selected page. So, if you want to add a graph to a page on a notebook, you can change its format in a few taps while keeping other pages to the original theme.

When it comes to keeping the notes organized, the app offers several options to help keep things neat and tidy. Users can enjoy complete customization using vertical layers of organization with nested folders. The workflow makes it clear that notebooks are the way to manage and organize content for big projects.


GoodNotes offers a robust toolkit for note-taking with all the options and features you need for a pleasant experience. It lets you customize the digital workspace to suit your preferences and style.

You find a set of tools that help jot down your ideas and thoughts – eraser, highlighter, pen, lasso tool, text box, and the unique Elements tool that gets rid of multiple importing and copy-pasting through the creation of elements for easy duplication.

The app also provides a variety of pen types and sizes as well as sliders for adjusting your stroke width. It also supports a large number of stickers, GIFs, and images and allows for unlimited custom colors. GoodNotes also offers handwriting-to-text conversion with a preview option. The latest version of the app uses the iPad’s multiple window support by allowing you to open two instances of the app at the same time.

Backup, Storage and Sharing

The note-taking app automatically syncs all your content to your iCloud, storing all your files, notebooks, and documents within the cloud storage so that you can access them on other devices as well. It also allows backing up files to third-party storage services like OneDrive, Dropbox, and Google Drive with the Auto Backup feature.

GoodNotes also supports collaboration through shared links using which multiple users can work together on a document at the same time. Users can also export documents in a wide range of file formats including image, PDF, or native format of any app.

These options are specifically helpful when you want to access data from an Android device or PC. The app also has a community feature where users can share and download notes created by other members.


  • Multi-window functionality
  • Choice of display
  • Built-in scanning feature
  • iCloud syncing and storage
  • Variety of pen styles to choose from
  • Customizable colors
  • Endless nested folders for organization
  • Easy sharing through shared links
  • Support for Apple Pencil and stylus


  • Lacks simple typing functionality and formatting
  • Can be overwhelming for casual users
  • Free version limits functionality

Final Thoughts

Designed to work as a solid handwriting app, GoodNotes is a perfect solution for those who want to enjoy note-taking and document management from their iPad. It is intuitive and easy to use and offers a wide variety of customization options to create a workflow that matches your style and preferences.

Whether you are looking to jot down thoughts, make a sketch on your device or want a dedicated workspace, GoodNotes offers you everything to make you feel in control and comfortable. It is overall worth the money for anybody looking for a powerful yet affordable note-taking app for their Apple device.