10 Minute Mail Alternatives In 2022

10 Minute Mail Alternatives

Platforms like 10 Minute Mail allow creating disposable email addresses that stay valid for only a short period before getting deleted. They serve the purpose of protecting your security and privacy by giving you a temporary email address that you can use to sign up for different websites and services.

However, if you find the 10-minute time frame too short or find difficulty accessing this platform, there are several alternatives that provide a similar service.

In this post, let us take a look at some of the best 10 Minute Mail alternatives you can try in 2022.


If you are in search of a service that protects your mail address from spam for free, Maildrop is an excellent option for you. This 10 Minute Mail substitute helps you create an email address without having to provide any personal details. You can use the temporary email address on any platform.

Maildrop doesn’t delete your account but only keeps the last ten messages while others are automatically deleted. This platform also has advanced spam protection technology to keep your inbox free from malware and spam. Overall, it is a useful service that helps improve your security and protect your inbox from spam.


This is one of the most widely used disposable email services. The most impressive part of this platform is the ability to generate a free email address of your choice. Just like 10 Minute Mail, it provides a temporary email that remains active for 10 minutes.

The website offers a beautiful design that enhances the overall experience. You can use the disposable email to register for different sites and services during the 10-minute time frame. While there is no need to signup for the free plan, all the inboxes you create using the account are shared openly without any privacy.

Temp Mail

This is a great pick for a 10 Minute Mail alternative as it allows creating disposable email addresses for free. This platform is easier to use than most others in the genre. You just need to go to the website and get an email address without filling out any form. The disposal email it generates can be used in place of your primary email address wherever you want.

An amazing feature of Temp Mail is the choice of ten domains to create your temporary email. The account gets deleted after 24 hours of the last access, so you can have a long-lasting email if you log in every day. Its intuitive interface is what differentiates it from others.

Guerilla Mail

A highly recommended alternative for the 10 Minute Mail, Guerilla Mail comes with powerful features for privacy protection. You can generate a temporary email address that can be used on any website to keep your personal mail address protected from spam. The best thing about this platform is its ease of use and well-organized interface.

You simply visit the website and start creating email addresses without any registration or charges. Another amazing feature of this service is the ability to choose from 11 different domain options. Accounts created on this site don’t expire but messages are deleted automatically after an hour. However, it allows you to send emails and attachments and reply to messages.


Dispostable is a useful temporary email service worth considering. While not so popular as some others in the category, this platform offers everything you need to get the job done. It lets you create a random email of your choice on the domain.

Messages in the mailbox are automatically deleted after two days. However, read emails in your inbox are stored for a few months on the platform, so you can read them again in the future if you want.

Mail Catch

One of the best available 10 Minute Mail alternatives available today, Mail Catch allows creating temporary emails and provides anonymous mailboxes to protect your primary email.

The website is famous for its security and does not ask for any personal information. You simply choose a username on the mailcatch domain and generate an instant email you can use to register on different websites and services.


Those who are in search of a simple-to-use disposable email service that involves no complicated settings and options would surely appreciate Getnada. Registering on the platform is quite simple and you instantly get a temporary email you can use to sign up for untrusted services and websites so that your primary inbox is free of any spam.

An impressive feature of this service is that your mailbox is not recycled and can be accessed as long as the domain stays active.

The service notifies you before recycling domains and allows transferring your email to a new domain. However, messages sent on the email are deleted after seven days. Getnada comes from the creators of the reputed AirMail service and promises complete anonymity and privacy.


FakeInbox comes loaded with all you need to get a temporary email address for logging into different websites. Creating a random, anonymous email with this service is as simple as a button click.

You can use the newly created email for up to one hour. However, you can always choose to extend the time frame for the email address.

Fake Mail Generator

This 10 Minute Mail substitute also works similar to other services on the list and makes a great choice. To get a temporary email address, you simply need to visit the website.

A free email is instantly generated and you can use it wherever you are asked for your email address. This platform offers a lot of advanced features along with the basic ones, making it more interesting and powerful.


Lastly, YopMail is a platform that makes one of the best 10 Minute Mail alternatives as it instantly creates a temporary email but the inbox does not expire like other services. You can access your account later, reply to messages, and forward emails.

Also, YopMail is completely free to use; you get any number of anonymous email addresses without having to pay anything. Another perk of this website is that it provides an option to install widgets and plugins on most browsers to easily manage your disposable emails.

Final Thoughts

These are the top 10 Minute Mail alternatives you can use to create free temporary emails. With these platforms, you can quickly create a random email that helps protect your personal mailbox from spam and junk.

All these services are simple to use and secure and provide an easy way to use online services anonymously.