Best Image Compressors You Can Use On PC In 2022

Best Image Compressors For PC

In this era of digitalization, adding pictures on a business website and social media networks is key to capturing and retaining attention. Photographs captured with the help of modern cameras come in high definition which can take up a lot of space, whether you upload them online or store them on your local drive. Compressing the images would help save space and reduce a website’s load time.

There are several applications and tools specially designed for compressing and optimizing images. These programs are highly beneficial for photographers, website designers, and marketers willing to optimize web pages without compromising the picture quality. In this guide, let us talk about the best image compressors available for Windows in 2022.


This online tool is dedicated to compressing PNG and JPEG photos on Windows PC. It manages to reproduce the images in the lowest possible size without affecting the quality.

Optimizilla offers a slider that displays the before and after versions of the picture to let you preview it before continuing. You can also use the slider to decide how much you want to optimize the image to avoid any noticeable change in quality.

Optimizilla is ideal for batch processing. It allows uploading up to 20 pictures at a time and specifying compression levels for each of them. Overall, it is one of the best image compressors available for Windows.


This is a comprehensive image compression program for Windows that allows converting images to a wide range of formats including PNG, JPEG, BMP, GIF, PDF, JPG, RAW, and many more. With this tool, you can convert or compress a large number of pictures at the same time using the batch conversion feature to get them ready for posting on the internet without losing any detail or quality.

Not only does Pixillion offer you a single-click conversion but also supports adding text captions and watermarks to your images. Moreover, you get the option of resizing the files until they become perfect for your application. This program is almost a complete solution for all your image editing requirements.


A lossless image compressor for Windows, JPEGmini is designed to reduce the size of pictures by up to five times. The compressed images retain their original format and experience no loss of quality. This tool is quite simple to use; you just need to add images and it compresses them automatically in no time.

JPEGmini does not offer too many options and settings. It allows resizing your JPEG images without any configuration. Moreover, it makes no visual changes in the compressed images. It is an excellent application for basic users, particularly with its attractive, simple interface.


It is an image compression program that comes with a simple set of features and a straightforward design, making it ideal for basic users. To compress images with this software, you simply need to select the folder containing your files after which you can choose the quality and size of the image you want to achieve. While the tool does not offer a lot of options for resizing and compression, it does its core job perfectly.

PhotoRazor allows you to preview each picture individually to get an idea of how compression will affect them. You can also see the file size after compression. All the compressed images are saved in a folder for easy access. This tool is a perfect option for Windows users looking for a simple image compressor.


This is a free tool designed to compress different types of files but can be used for image compression. FileOptimizer features a simple user interface that lets you add your pictures for optimization. It offers different compression levels to choose from according to your needs. During the process, you are shown the file’s original and new size which is a useful feature.

By default, the application works by replacing original files with compressed ones but you can change this setting. It is available in a portable format so you can run it on your Windows PC without having to install it.


Designed to compress and optimize PNG files, PNGGauntlet is a powerful image compressor that also allows converting BMP, JPG, GIF, and TIFF files into PNG. Though you cannot save your images in any other format except PNG, it is one of the best applications for compressing pictures. It follows a simple, quick process and takes only a few steps to optimize images.

PNGGauntlet allows configuring individual image files and selecting the output directory to save the compressed files. You can also choose to rewrite original files. It is overall a great image compressor for Windows users.


Radical Image Optimizer or RIOT is a Windows image compressor available for free. It is a lightweight tool that works for beginners and professionals alike. Apart from the basic image compression functionality, this software offers some advanced features that make it one of the best options for those who want to reduce their image file size before uploading online.

The program shows two panes to allow differentiating between original and compressed pictures. An impressive feature is resampling where you can specify the dimensions of an image as well as its pixels and aspect ratio. The software can also convert GIF files.

Caesium Image Compressor

This is an open-source image processor that offers a simple, quick way to compress images. You can select individual files or add a folder to the program to compress multiple images at once.

It boasts a comprehensive user interface split into three panes. The first column is for Compression Options where you can adjust the quality of your image. It also allows you to choose the format for your resulting file.

Another column allows controlling the resizing process with a relative or absolute size for the new image. The third pane is for setting the output folder for your compressed image files. You can even add a suffix to your images to distinguish them easily. With all the basic options and ease of use, this tool is an excellent choice for image compression on Windows.

Final Thoughts

Image compression helps reduce the size of your pictures without compromising the quality. This will not only load the pictures quickly on your webpages but also boost your site’s load time and hence search engine rankings. These are some of the best image compressors for Windows users that deliver high-quality results with minimal quality loss.