12 Best Apps for Apple Pencil – Take Notes Freely

Best Apps for Apple Pencil

One of the most exciting parts of having an iPad is using the Apple Pencil to take notes, draw or sketch. It transforms the device from just a tablet to a computer equipped with a precise pointing instrument. However, there are so many apps that can be used with the Pencil to leverage its capabilities to the optimum.

Here are some of the best apps you can consider downloading on your iPad to make the most out of your Apple Pencil.

1. Notability

The multipurpose note-taking app lets you choose between typing and writing and even lets you record audio while creating a note. This makes it an excellent tool for taking lecture notes.

You can also change the background to see graph paper and write on it with the infinite scrolling capability. The app also marks page breaks, making it easy to export your notes as PDF or save them for printing.

2. Linea Sketch

Hitting a balance between a simple note-taking app and a professional drawing tool, Linea Sketch lets you enjoy doodling whatever comes to your mind and offers some advanced features like an automatic ruler, unlimited layers, grids, etc. It has a canvas-based approach but allows creating multiple canvases and organizing them in projects.

The grid tool also provides background for note-taking and drawing. The most impressive thing about this app is its simplicity of design; all the features and options are arranged in two panels on each side, making it easy to ignore what you don’t need.

3. LiquidText

A powerful app designed to take note-taking to another level, LiquidText brings a realistic paper experience to the iPad. You can use an Apple Pencil to gather and organize ideas, notes, and other items from different sources.

Unique visualizations of the app allow you to see the bigger picture by bringing together search results and highlights. When you have organized notes and excerpts the way you like, you can export the result to PDF or other formats for easy sharing.

4. Nebo

A fully-fledged note-taking app for iPad, Nebo delivers amazing functionality with Apple Pencil. With this app, you can edit and format text and perform tasks such as adding and removing space and content, applying effects, and decorating with different styles.

One of the most exciting features of the app is the conversion of handwriting to text that you can add to notes. Moreover, the app can recognize over 65 languages and convert handwritten symbols. You can search for information using handwritten as well as typed text. Once you finish creating a note, it can be quickly converted into multiple formats.

5. Noteshelf

Noteshelf is an iPad app that comes packed with amazing features like double-tap support, Siri integration, and pressure sensitivity to make it one of the best note-taking apps available.

With this app, you can mark up PDFs, record audio notes, as well as use handwriting recognition and support for autoshapes. You can also personalize the notes with covers and organize them as per your preferences.

6. GoodNotes5

This Apple Pencil app is one of the most popular iPad apps out there, a modernized version of the versatile note-taking tool. GoodNotes5 eliminates all the limitations and problems from the earlier versions by adding a vertical endless scrolling that simplifies notetaking.

Moreover, the latest edition improves on all the features that make it such a robust app for notetaking on iPad. It even allows you to nest any number of folders and organize them with ease.

7. Apple Notes

While there are several powerful third-party apps for iPad, the built-in Notes app comes with support for Apple Pencil and offers a variety of useful features. You can simply add a new note and start writing with the Pencil; you can draw, scribble and do anything else you like.

Tapping on the Pencil icon reveals the toolbar from where you can switch to a marker tip or pen and pick any color. The lasso tool can be used to draw over the note to make a section, pick it up and move it around.

8. SnapPen

This is a simple app that allows writing and drawing on pictures and sharing them with friends. SnapPen is a straightforward iPad application where you can click a picture and start drawing or writing on it.

It offers you five colored markers along with an eraser option. You also get an undo button to rectify any errors you make. You can even zoom in and work on smaller details for desired results.

9. Flow

This app is intended to bring the classic notebook to your iPad; you can create almost anything with your Apple Pencil with this app.

The most appealing feature of the application is the infinite width of the documents, allowing you to pan and continue drawing. It offers a virtual toolset using which you can create custom tools with a single tap.

10. ProCreate

One of the best drawing apps made for iPad, ProCreate works perfectly with Apple Pencil and offers a plethora of exciting features for artists and novices alike. It boasts an impressive collection of about 150 brushes for drawing, painting, sketching, and calligraphy.

You can even create your own brush and download those created by others. Using your Apple Pencil, it is possible to zoom in and out of the canvas and even rotate it. The app also offers an animation feature with which you can create small motion pictures.

11. Penultimate

This digital handwriting app from Evernote is designed to transform the way you jot down ideas and thoughts. Penultimate has a huge library of paper styles ranging from dots and grids to lines and even to-do lists, calendars, and planners.

You can format handwritten notes using different pen strokes, colors, and highlighter. It even includes a cutting tool and eraser. The best thing is that it syncs with Dropbox and Evernote so you can access your notes across devices.

12. Concepts

This is a drawing and note-taking app that works with the Apple Pencil. It provides you with an infinite canvas along with all the drawing and sketching tools you need to get creative with your iPad. Note-taking tools include a pencil as well as a variety of pens like fountain and ballpoint.

You can also configure the background by inserting dots, lines, and squares. A unique feature is the color wheel accessible with a button tap.

The Apple Pencil is a truly remarkable tool when used with the right iPad apps. These apps should help you take notes, doodle, sketch, and do more with your digital pen.